Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First time garden

This year I really wanted to try better at having a vegie garden. I've attempted it before but failed miserably. I guess plants like water and don't like digging dogs. I hope to have learned my lesson.
 Because of Pinterest, I've tried several different new things this year. This was not exception. Hubby made this planter for me LAST YEAR. Yes, I know, you don't have to say it out loud but it's up and filled this year. I went to a garden home and they had a seminar on what soil needs to be added. So $$ later (but not as much as I thought) I had the makings of a prepared garden.  The dogs did love digging in the soil prior to planting. No need to scold them. Anything on the ground is pretty much fair game outside.

Now don't go on congratulating me on this tomato plant. This is how we bought it and it was just planted LOL  We were a little too late into the season I guess to start my own from seed. My cousin has already started to harvest her lettuce. What I have in my garden is, tomatoes (12 plants and yest I know I'm in trouble if this really works), 3 different kinds of squash, 2 different kinds of beans, cucumbers a leek and a melon.  Hopefully I water them better but I know we've fixed the dogs digging into it :)


Jani Lewis said...

Well good for you on starting your garden :) I can't grow a thing, but I like to watch Don while he plants. I do talk to him while he tends to them so maybe the talking helps. LOL
Hope you REALLY like tomatoes!

D'On Marx said...

So jealous of everyone's gardening. Can't wait for next year. I can afford to do it now. lol