Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stylish Birthday

 My Daughter had another birthday!

Everywhere we went I made sure they knew it was her birthday :) What are Mom's for right? It got her a free glass of wine, Starbucks and this yummy dessert at Buffalo Wings ;)  And it got me the rolling of the eyes and a giggle each time ;)

And this is her card :0)

We had such a good day shopping together that day. Every day spent with her is always such a great day. I love her <3


Ali said...

Lovely and so elegant!!! Loving this set!
Plastic Cards

Jani Lewis said...

Oh, so glad y'all could spend the day together. Great card. Love what you did for the skirt part. So cute!

D'On Marx said...

Happy Be-lated to the birthday girl!! I love the card. Super sassy!