Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on the little garden...

It's still green!

You may ask... why is the watermelon trellised?  They were supposed to be cucumbers! LOL I'm alergic to watermelon! I think these are seedless ones. I guess my kids get watermelon from the garden! ha! There are at least 5 growing.

My 1 zucchini plant.. only grows one at a time which I'm grateful for. Although it looks like I have 4 flowers that are providing all at once in there somewhere.

My 1 spaghetti squash plant, this guy hasn't grown any larger in a month :0(  I think others are trying to grow now too so let's hope they get a little bigger than this little guy.

One of my 10 tomato plants! We thought we would have killed a few but low and behold.... you just can't kill tomato plants... here's living proof! At first I had some holes in my green tomatoes but once I plucked them off I haven't see anymore. I feel pretty lucky. I didn't think the flowers were going to produce fruit for the longest time and all of a sudden there are little jewels ALL OVER THEM!  I actually can't wait for them all to ripen. I'm going to can tomato sauce and whole tomatoes  EXCITED!!!

One of our 4 purple bean stalks. These guys aren't growing very big. I think they're only a foot tall. I hope they grow bigger soon. Interested to taste them to see if there is a difference. 
We've actually been able to keep basil growing this time and have used it often!Since we haven't killed the garden or basil we've decided to start out own Vino! We need to get a few more of these. These will be going on our deck to decorate our lattice! cool hu?

Well, that's the post for this time.

  Next up are cool baby shower gifts!


Jani Lewis said...

Look at you go! Your garden looks great. I bet that is a really cool feeling to eat something you grew in your own garden.