Saturday, March 24, 2012

What a crazy mess!

Wow... What a crazy few weeks for my computer its been. It all started when I purchased Kaspersky anti-virus. After a couple of months, I did a complete scan. Boy was that a bad mistake! When I rebooted it failed to see my profile and wouldn't load my own desktop. I was able to find everything in a round about way but what a pain in the butt! So I decided to save my files and crash my computer. It's taken a couple of days to get most of my needed programs back on (you know.. SCAL3, Inkscape, Silhouette Studios.. the important stuff) I have a SCAL2 disk somewhere and I'm going to cry big time if I can't find it. Otherwise... if you know anyone that is looking for a Cricut LOL. Any ways, I'm back and I'm playing this time with paper!

It's not much but I needed to make a quick card for my father in-law. I guess you can call him that. He and my mother in-law have been together a little longer than me and Hubby. I don't think they'll ever get married.
He's got a fun sense of humor. Hubby and I always look forward to him coming up for Street Vibrations so we can ride with him. Speaking of riding!!!!  Hubby cleaned and changed the oil in my baby! I'll be on the road as soon as the weather stays warmer! YAY!

Can't wait to show you a couple of projects I've completed (quilts) and an afghan that I'm working on! And soon I'll be able to show you what the Daring Bakers made this month!