Thursday, March 1, 2012

Speaking of baking...

I just couldn't stand it any longer! My fury friends kept staring at me each time I baked something and it wasn't for them :(  Those big brown eyes just gets me every time. So I made them some peanut butter cookies in shamrock shapes HA!
They're such happy campers now <3

1C Rice Flour
1C Oat Four
1C peanut butter
1 C milk
1T baking powder

Mix them all up, roll them out, choose the seasonal cookie cutter and cut them out. Bake for 20 min and let cool. While cooling, let the pups help clean up and for their treat for being patient, they get to lick the bowl!

And....  speaking of shamrocks... You have GOT to go to Lindi's place. She's got some pretty cute printables :)


Jani Lewis said...

Oh how cute! They are lucky little guys.