Monday, March 26, 2012

Daring Bakers - March

It's that time again to share with you what the Daring Bakers were up to this month!

Dutch Crunch -

I LOVE Dutch Crunch bread. It's my bread of choice when it is a choice so I was super excited to see that it was the challenge this month. I took the recipe from The Baking Barrister because her's looked fantastic!

The second part of the challenge was to make a sandwich with your bread.  In this sandwich, DH made a lamb burger. But not just any lamb burger, he put in spinach and Feta Cheese. It was wonderful!

Did you know that the crunch onto of the Dutch Crunch is a separate topping? I did not know that! It's made with rice flour. I was plum out of rice flour from making my dog treats so I decided to give it a go to make my own. I ground up regular white rice. Then, I didn't realize that I needed to sift LOL  It was all good. The crunch wasn't break your tooth crunchy. Actually, had I not told DH what I did, he would never had known :)  I do think tho, that because I didn't sift it, the top was thicker and eventually would crumble. Still tasted good and that's always good.

I'm so making this again :) But this time with sifted rice flour ;0)

I'm having so much fun with the Daring Bakers I've requested membership into the Daring Cooks! So fun!


EMS said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge. Your bread looks great and your sandwich sounds absolutely delicious. Yum!