Monday, January 21, 2013

Hogs & Kisses!

I got an e-mail the other day for a new set for Valentines day! So cute! I had to get them!  This light pink one is from just printing and cutting on my beloved Cameo!
The pink was OK but I wanted a little more pop so I used paper from the Hogs & Kisses paper pack.
I wanted to show you that when you use the 'print and cut' (even on this SVG set) you will see the white lines...
When they are put together the white lines aren't really that much on an eye sore.anyway... Once  I re-sized it to fit my printer (letter size) I was still able to fit 17-20 Hogs and Kisses in them!

And really not worth the time to singly change every.... single.... cut line!  
Then I HAD to make something with this cute love cone AND paper from the Hogs & Kisses paper set! 

This one would have been the better one to take the time to take those cutting lines out LOL

great scott it's love graphics
great scott it's love cut it
great scott paper pack
scotty alphabet

How about a freebie? No need for a print and cut machine, just print and hand cut this. Makes a little black polka-dot matchbox with a wrapper and a tic-tac-toe game card to fold up and place in the box! cool hu? (sorry about the short notice)

All Valentine items are on sale now! They have a cute Scottie Terrier