Thursday, October 25, 2012

Going MIA

A bitter sweet kinda MIA. My In-Law's are coming into town on Saturday! It's been a while since they've both been here :)  Since hubby now works from home, his office is getting spiffied up on Friday afternoon because that's where the spare bed is. LOL  Then... we found out that his brother might be coming with them too! Woo Hoo!  This is where the bitter sweet comes into... I have to give up my crafty room until Wednesday ... Booo Hooo.  I had a few more projects I wanted to do before Halloween but Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I guess new ideas will have to be in order.  In the meantime...  How about a good sale?

When you buy take advantage of the "Buy 10, get 15 FREE", you are getting their best deal ever! That is 25 products for the price of 10. When you apply the 25% off coupon code, that will be like spending only $1.50 for cut sets and $1.20 for alphs and graphics! You will never find cut sets for that pricing during any dollar sale! Hurry, sale ends October 31st!

Can you believe? $1.50 for a WHOLE cut set? and only $1.20 for graphics or alphas? Wow! You can even use the graphics as print and cuts! so excited!!!

These sets can have 15 files attached to them too! That makes them only 10 cents each SVG file!


scrapperjen said...

Great deal!
Enjoy your visit with the in laws

Jani Lewis said...

Sorry you have to give up your craft area for a while. Hope you have a great visit with the family though. :)