Friday, October 26, 2012

25,000 FB Fans!

So today is a Holiday day off from work. Thought I would be cleaning my butt off in the house all day.  Not happenin'. I figured I'd sleep in so last night I took an over the counter sleep aid and have been trying to wake up allllll day! It's now 3:00pm and still groggy. Not able to nap either because I know I have stuff to do!

Dusting... done, kitchen... done except wiping down the cabinet doors. Still need to vacuume, sweep, mop, clean the guest bathroom, clean out/up my crafty room, play with the dogs.  I'm glad the aren't leaving their house until tomorrow morning which means I have time tomorrow to get what I don't do today, done!

In the mean time, look what I found!!! More freebies from Lettering Delights! They hit 25,000 fans on FaceBook! Yay them! And for that it's a celebration... Just click on the picture and it will take you right to the freebie :).

You actually get a total of 77 separate cut/image files! How nice of them right?

Hipster Party Cut It Set

 5 items
hurry, sale ends Wednesday $4.00 sale: $0.00 
Sample of Hipster Party - cutsets Clipart
created by

 72 items
hurry, sale ends Wednesday $5.00 sale: $0.00 
Sample of Hipster Party Set - potpourri Clipart
Looking forward to my family coming up to visit but then again can't wait to get my room back LOL. So many new and exciting things coming out to play with. Aughh!

Have Fun!