Saturday, January 21, 2012

I believe I forgot the sugar...

This past week, Reno had yet another fire. AND because of the high winds, burned out of control, spreading like (pardon the pun) wild fire, destroying at least 26 homes, burning over 3000 acres and completely closing a part of Hwy 395 which is the lifeline to commuter going to and from Carson City area. The day after the fire started, we got a flash flood warning and finally  snow in the mountains of Lake Tahoe! This helped tremendously in the fighting of the fire. Now we have winds again :(  If there is anything I dislike is when wind blows over 15mph with gust along with it. You don't want to go out because your hair will be all messed up, you don't want to go out running because somehow.. all of a sudden a GUST of wind sneaks up behind you and trips you. You fall and hope that no one was peaking out their windows as you ran by making their dogs bark. LOL.  Hubby and I went to the movies last night and saw the Underworld 3D. It was great! I was the only laughing when one of the 'Likins' blew up from the inside. I thought it was comical because it was so fake LOL  The rest of the movie... real. Yah, for sure.

Anyway, when we got home, tired but not sleepy, I snuck back onto Pinterest and found this recipe for Blackberry/Lemon Muffins. I had some blue berries and strawberries left over still from the Strawberry-Jello-Cheesecake so I used them inside the muffins instead of Blackberries. I used Meyer Lemons instead of regular also. I got the recipe from Jessica from Sunny Side Up in San Diego
 Yep, I think I forgot the sugar. When I bake, I take everything out of the cupboards that I need and after I've measured them and am done, I usually either put it away before I go onto the next or place the item behind my work area.  Well... after I made the mix and put the batter into the muffin pans, I noticed my sugar haddn't moved! So, just incase I did forget, I made some lemon glaze to put ontop of the baked muffins.

And, Yessssss I did forget. Not that the muffins tasted bad without the sugar on the inside but I'm sure that it would have tasted much better had the sugar not had been forgotten. The Lemon Glaze was a really nice addition. These turned out sweet at first because of the fruit within but then the lemon sneaks up and grabs you for a refreshing finish.  I'll be making these again for sure, but next time I'll remember the sugar! HAHA

Have a beautiful weekend!


Jani Lewis said...

ooooooo...they sound yummy. (Even without the sugar)

Jani Lewis said...

I thought about you when I heard about the fires and floods. Mother nature seems a bit temperamental. Glad you are ok though.

D'On Marx said...

So sorry to hear about the nasty fire up there. Yuck!

I agree. The wind sucks. I totally have this image of you running and being "tripped" by the wind. LOL!! So funny.

Those look great. Without the sugar would make it less points with weight watchers. LOL.

DANIELLE said...

I reading this while at lunch at work, eating soup. And, to tell the truth, I'm not really a soup girl. I'm more of a muffin girl. Even muffins without sugur in them, because that lemon glaze looks AMAZINGly delicious!