Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas card #1!

Well, booooo that the Saints didn't win today against the 49'ers but WOW what a great game! Good job guys! And now that it looks like my other team, the Patriots, are kicking the butts of the Bronco's (hee hee) I feel a little better :0)
In the spirit of trying to keep some of the goals I made in an earlier post... I've started my Christmas cards for this year!  I've also purchased a couple Christmas presents for the girls too! LOL Hubby thinks I'll have Christmas done by the end of the month! Silly man. I got the sketch idea for my card from MFT.

I purchased this stamp a couple years ago because I fell IN LOVE with it hard! Inked it up with a burgundy ink, roughed it up a little around the edges and then attempted to make it look like it's been hanging around for a while.

I used some glaze for his glasses but apparently the ink wasn't dried so either Santa has pink eye or he's got some cool rose colored glasses :)
 I was unable to use anything from MFT on this card but hope to on another one of their sketches soon!


Jani Lewis said...

If you are like me, the more stuff you get done for Christmas now, the more you will just add on to the end. LOL Love the card. Those papers are yummy! I thought Santa looked good. If you had not told me, I would have thought you planed it that way.

D'On Marx said...

Way cute card. Love it.