Thursday, August 4, 2016


I wanted to share with you how I fixed a fubar...

Recently I thought I would be able to be one of you folks that can keep an organizer.  So far not so good and it's only month one.

I found some freebies at Five Sixteenths blog

Added some others I made with digital paper I have and sized it all to fit my planner.
Then before I cut them out...... I deleted my tab. I almost cried!

After sleeping on this sadness for a few weeks (yes weeks) I realized I had a PixScan somewhere buried in the bottom of a pile of cutting mats! Never used before I went to work.
Not a good picture either
Not a good picture for the program
I gotta be honest, it took some time to get just the right picture that the Silhouette DE program liked but I did it!  Secret is? don't stress on getting the perfect picture! The program will make it all right.
(somehow the Silhouette DE made it right!)

Not all of the stickers got a good outline but the important odd ones did and I was more than happy to draw circles and squares!  Why in the world did I wait this long to use this fun toy?

Now on to find something else to PixScan!