Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A post from a very bad blogger

I've never been a great blogger but come on! Mothers Day? wowzers!  I'll just post what I've been up to in a nut shell...

1) got my first paying gig from an archery club! I designed and cut them up 50 window decals! whoot whoot! The loved them but I don't have a picture to show you :( sorry.

2) Made a new work out tank. Hot pink on grey. BAM!

3) Made a new wine tasting shirt ;)  This was a challenge I joined in on with a Face Book group. Now that I look at it... looks like I should be drinking a margarita with those colors I picked.

4) Completed the Tough Mudder. Pretty proud of myself for completing every single obstacle on the very first try! My teammates were impressed too! I have to credit it on the Cross Fit training I've been doing this year. The course was 11 miles up and down a ski slope. I'm sure one of them had to have been a black diamond because it was straight up! Over 20 obstacles including the Arctic Enema, Boa Constrictor, Electric Eel, Shock Therapy, Everest, Funky Monkey, Hold your Wood, Kiss of Mud, Log Jammin', Trench Warfare and Walk the Plank. Soooo fun! Very hard but fun!

5) Made hubby a glow in the dark shirt. This one is so much fun! You should see it on him. He looks like a big kid! haha

 6)  Hubby and I at Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe waiting for the Shakespearean Festival to start! We rode up there on our motorcycles. You can see behind him is one of my saddle bags we used as a pick nick bag lol

7) No pics but my garden this year is awesome! So much lettuce that I have to give it away! Tomatoes are slow this year but almost ready to pic my first one, zucchini and other squash has been delish and the cucumbers actually survived this year! Still waiting on those to mature.

So this has been a little taste of my life since Mothers Day. I haven't done a card since but I've been loving my Cameo and trying new things with it.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I have! Have an exciting day!