Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tomato butty

There is just something about getting vegetables right out of your own garden. I can't remember the last time we purchased tomatoes this year!   We have a green salad almost at every meal so I haven't been able to can any tomatoes and probably won't. I've also used these in cooking and as finger food with some of our fresh basil, balsamic and mozzarella cheese. This was out haul mid week...

I'll be picking up some jalapeno's tomorrow to go with the onions in our pantry to make a pico degio with our fresh cilantro and tomatoes from the 'farm'. That's what Hubby calls our little 4x8 garden. LOL  Can't a wait for next year! We are planning on expanding now that we haven't killed all the plants! yay!

We have 5 watermelons still trying to grow. We've actually picked one. I'm allergic so I'm waiting for Hubby to let me know how it is! He also has 3 Honeydew growing. I have a Spaghetti Squash growing, the purple beans aren't doing too well but I'm still hopeful. The zucchini is still producing, rosemary actually helped the bug problem we had wtthiour tomatoes. Who knew? I used the leeks for a yummy chicken pot pie.

Well... I think that's the last of the update to our little 'farm'. Lovin' it!


sophie said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful vegetable garden this year. I'm envious.

DANIELLE said...

I'm envious too! Sounds like a super successful gardening experiment! :)