Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great Book!

Ok... So I admit it was the name of the book that caught my eye. After all... I am a red-headed stepchild. haha

We found this whole series at a used book store. If you like the vampire, werewolf, etc books I think you're going to love this one. I'm not one to just sit and read. In fact, I freaked when I saw how big Breaking Dawn was but still loved them all.  There have been other books that I've tried to wrap my head around but just got board so I didn't finish them. It's hard to find interesting books for me. We struck gold this time! I just have to buy the last book that she wrote for this series which only came out 2 months before I found all these! Oooo! I wonder how her other books are! 


Jani Lewis said...

Well, you make it sound interesting. I may have to check it out. Of course, if I don't like it I am going to blame YOU. LOL