Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a girl!

My youngest daughters BFF is having her daughter right now as I type! I've watched this young lady grow up for many years and now I get to watch her daughter grow! Yay!  Nothing like waiting for the last minute to make a card for the little princess LOL 
I used a file I purchased from Lettering Delights and welded the two together. Made her name using Lucinda all in my SCAL and embossed with hearts.  The card opens up backwards but does it really matter? I think not. :)

Welcome Home Kylee!


*CAFE said...

Super cute, and I'm with you.....I don't think it matters one bit which way the card opens! :0)

Jani said...

Oh sweet! I totally thought you planned for it to open up that way because it looks like the handles of the carriage are supposed to be apart. Just go with that version. LOL