Thursday, October 27, 2011

Enquiring minds want to know

I'm so glad you liked my haunted house! it was so much fun to put together! It had been such a long time since I've played with craft glue I forgot how more quickly it dries than Elmers! LOL  I've had several enquiring e-mails as to where I found the file because apparently I don't know how to put the right  address in my posts! LOL It's not :( My bad.  Click on this picture and it will take you right to their shop where there are several wonderful files!

They even have the cutest stamps and will be making the SVG files that will cut out the exact size of paper for each stamp! They've already gotten their Halloween stamp set's SVG done! Those will be offered as freebies! YAY! You can click on this picture to take you right there too!

See... eventually I'll place you in the right direction :)

I have tomorrow off in celebration of Nevada day so I hope to get some fun stuff done while the laundry is in the machines :)