Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've been playin'

I was asked to try out this digital program and see how I like it. So far it's kinda cool!  I'll share with you which program it is later. I want to play with it a little while longer and see what else it can do. When I do I'll have a surprise for you all too! YAY you!

So... I've been interested in the whole hooplah of digital scrapbooking. I have all the paper and emelishments I could ask for to do paper scrapbooking but I just haven't gotten into it. As you can see... my girls aren't getting any younger :(  (this is my youngest 2 years ago) tear...

Now, remember, I'm just playing and this is my first page. I know the rules of using the proof pictures and wont be printing this one out but I just HAD to share my first layout!

I'll be trying out the card section next!


D'On Marx said...

This is super cute. I love the layout and the colors.

Jani said...

Great LO. I keep looking at digital stuff but have not ventured out yet.I may be a little too obsessed with my papers to ever really go digital LOL

Man, if only our kids could stay as young as they are in their pictures :)