Friday, August 19, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Exciting stuff! I haven't been crafting much because we are attempting to build a back patio. It's about 37' by 12'. I'm not sure why we start big projects like this. neither one of us are carpenters. It showed a few times. Things not lining up, cut 3 boards wrong, screws not going in with ease. Surprised we haven't killed each other yet! LOL  It's going to be so great when it's done!
Our winde down is when the sun finally goes down and it's too dark even with the lights to work out there. We come in and vege in front of our computers. He's now playing Nintendo... yah we haven't upgraded and don't think we ever will so don't judge.

Other great news is that I've been a winner in blog land and I HAVE to share with you!
Back in late July I won a cool Simple Point quilt runner kit from Crooked Nickel. You really have to go over there and check out what she's come up with. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to sit at either one of my tables to stamp or sew :(  (deck should be done next week).

Today... I opened my e-mail and found out I was one of 2 winners at Sis Boom! Their fabric is sooooo pretty and the bold colors are to die for!

I'm so excited about both of these wins and look forward to making something great out of both of them!  Thanks to both of them for sharing their stuff on Stash Manicure otherwise I may have never seen their awesomeness!


DANIELLE said...

Oooo... what are you going to make me?? ;)

Jani said...

CONGRATS! What a neat treat. Good luck with the patio :)

Carol said...

My husband and I installed a brick paver patio and front sidewalk. We came to the conclusion that if your marriage can survive THAT it can survive ANYTHING. :)