Monday, May 9, 2011

Fabric anyone?

So this is what I've been up to....
I've made a few quilt tops before and sewn my girls clothes and a couple wedding dresses but it's been a while and I miss the touch of fabric moving through a machine. Heck, I loved sewing so much I worked 2 years in a sweat shop! HA!

Actually, it's been such a while that I'm finding out they have fabric sold in jelly rolls, layer cakes, charms... OK so the jelly rolls and layer cakes that caught my eye because I was hungry ;) But really, the fabrics nowadays are so pretty! The blocks she's using for this class is the half square triangle block. Sew easy to do! There are a whoooolllle bunch of ways you can lay these little suckers out but I asked hubbie for a little help. He liked this the best.
I'm now half way of sewing all these squares together (I'm a little behind). After an unexpected surgery, I'll be more behind but I'm anxious to finish this class! This step is the last step I've ever done in a quilt. So... If I continue (and I will) I'll learn how to put binding on and quilting my own quilt and that there makes me excited!

Anyway, just to update you of my whereabouts. Stay tooned for my progress :)


Bec said...

Ahhh its going to look gorgeous!! Thank you so much for linking up.. I hope i can get to go ALL the way!! and finish.. Good luck with your surgery. I hope it all goes well for you and you can get back sewing quickly! xx

Jani said...

Very cool. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt but have neverdone it.

Thanks for following my blog. I am follower of yours now too. Am looking forward to see your finished quilt :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! That looks like Camille's Bliss fabric, no? Well...Camille and her mom, Bonnie.