Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sew Savanna

I decided since cutting paper with my healing thumb isn't my favorite thing to do I would sew something up. Now keep in mind that I haven't sewn anything for quite a few years! I even had to do this with 2 machines because the first one just wasn't controlling the bobbin too well. I found this Savanna Bag with instructions on Chic'n Scratch blog and just HAD to give it a go :) I made this one with my family reunion's auction in mind. Now that I've made one I just might have to make another but bigger to use for shopping :)

I used left over fabric and her colors are way nicer. But I wanted it to be more of a quilt effect, you know, the kind Grandma made with all the left over fabric she had from making you those dresses :) Ahhh... fond memories.