Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart Winners!!!!

I had such a fab time talking and meeting with so many of you on this Magic Carpet Ride! Thank you so much to Lisa for creating this fun hop! I do hope she continues doing this next year! So Since there were over 200 entries I have 3 prizes. I'll keep the 3rd prize a secret mainly because I'm a bit lazy this morning to take a picture of it and upload it :) Thank you all for coming by and entering my giveaway! I'm also excited to see that some of you awesome people decided to be a stalker! How sweet! OK, OK I know you didn't want to listen to me ramble so here are my random numbers!!!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

93 140 137

Timestamp: 2010-02-15 15:55:05 UTC ( 7:55 AM my time )

Prize 1) Sares from the Pacific Northwest

Prize 2) Abby from Malaysia!

Secret Prize) Sadie from Scotland!

Congratulations ladies!! I've never mailed anything out of country so this will be a first for me :) I hope you enjoy!


Regina said...

Congratulations to the all the winners!! I do believe that we all received a gift when we found one another on this amazing ride!!!


Sares said...

Wow, I am in great company with ladies from Malaysia and Scotland! Thank you again for the wonderful giveaway, it's fantastic!

GraceBeading said...

How nice that you have people from all over the globe as your winners. Great stuff!

Abby said...

Congrats to Sares ans Sadie!

Thanks for this lovely giveaway. Can't believe I got something. And wow for global giveaways! Very cool.