Thursday, July 2, 2009

AND THE PRIZE GOES TOO..............................................

Thank you for the 2 that considered my Cards for Heros challenge! I'm just bummed that more didn't take it on. :( It did look like a hefty challenge and it may have seamed overwhelming and rest assured...... I know some of my fellow bloggers ARE sending out cards to our Hero's and I do appreciate that ;)

On with the winner! So I put the two names into a hat and pulled out the name of


Rufus please send me your address at so I can send you this lovley box of goodies!


And Cindy..... If you could do the same I'm sure I can come up with some goodies for you! I am loosing my craft room so I gotta make a little dent :)
Thank you both!

I hope you all have a fantastic Independance Day!!!


Rufus said...

I've sent you the info and just want to publicly thank you for the lovely candy! From the Cards for Heroes site there are lots of bloggers who are sending and have promised to send cards. My final total was 60 all purpose cards, 18 Any Hero cards and 3 Birthday cards.

I'll put all that candy to good work making more Cards for Heroes!

stephanne said...

:( That is too sweet of you to do Gail. Ironically, I think the weekend might have had something to do with the low turnout. Thanks for hopping by my bloggy blog, by the way.

Rufus said...

Gail, I got the blog candy. Thank you so much! It was just like Christmas in July. There was a bit of everything in that box! I'll be using the vast majority of it to make more cards for Cards For Hero's.

Thanks from me and the soldiers and their families who will be the ultimate beneficiaries!

LETUMom said...

Gail, I didn't realize there was a link from CFH for your challenge. I'm getting ready to send them a second set of cards. I'm kind of challenging myself to send a batch every month until the end of the year. Want to join me?